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Are there any limits to the number of photos that can be taken?
Your guests may take an unlimited number of pictures during the time that you have booked the photo booth! Typically, there are 2-3 shots per photo booth session so you can expect around 30-40 sessions per hour of rental. Of course, it also depends on how much FUN your guests are having inside the photo booth!


Will there be an on-site attendant?
Yes, there will always be a fully trained and friendly photo booth attendant to assist the guests, answer any questions and to ensure that they have the best photo booth experience.


What kind of printer do you use?
We use a heavy duty dye sublimation printer that produces high-quality prints in a matter of seconds. The quality of the prints rivals that of the prints that you get from your favorite photo lab. With dye-sublimation technology, the colors will not fade and will ensure that your prints will last a lifetime.


How long does it take for the prints to be ready for our guests?
It only takes a few seconds to print! With near instant prints, your guests will not be holding up the line and it will ensure that the line is constantly moving.


Are digital copies available?
You will be provided with ALL high-resolution photos from the event within 7 days on a USB memory stick.

What is the payment structure like?
A $150.00 deposit is due upon signing of the agreement and the balance is due 14 days before the date of your event.

How do I check if you’re free for a particular date?
Simply contact us with the date of your event and we will let you know of our availability.

I want to rent a photo booth. What do I need to do?
It’s simple! Just contact us with the date of your event. We will prepare an agreement for you to sign. After the deposit is taken care of, we will guide you through the template design and background selection process. Once we have finalized the layout and the backdrop, you’re ready to go!

How much space do you need for the booth?
The venue will need a 10’x10' space and access to an electrical outlet for the photo booth.

Am I charged for set-up time?
No. We typically arrive about 1- 1.5 hours before the start of the event to set up the photo booth. Any setup or take downtime is not charged or counted towards your rental time.

Can we see ourselves as we take photos?
YES! Your photos will display on the Mirror

Do you just drop off the photo booth at the event?
No. We will be there to set up the photo booth well before the start time so the photo booth will be ready as soon as your guests arrive. We will keep your guest engaged and laughing at the event! We will also be there throughout the rental period to answer any questions and to assist your guests with the photo booth.

Do you have any props for guests to use while taking pictures?
We have a wide assortment of props and we are always changing and adding to our growing collection. Photo booth prints are the ultimate wedding favor! Our in-house graphic designer will work closely with you to design the template of your choice. The party favor prints your guests receive will serve as a great reminder of the FUN times at the event.

Is a special electrical outlet necessary?
No – we just need access to a standard 120V electrical outlet to power the photo booth. However, we cannot share power with a DJ because there won’t be enough for the both of us. The power source has to be reasonably close to where we will be working.

Can you accommodate outdoor events?
We can set up the photo booth for outdoors as long as the weather permits (not raining or windy) and there is access to an electrical outlet.

How many hours can we rent the photo booth for?
You may rent the photo booth for as many hours as you would like. We understand that you may want the photo booth during certain hours of your event. We offer non-operational hours at a lower rate specifically for that situation. With non-operational hours, you have the flexibility of scheduling “photo booth” hours at a lower overall rate.

What events can the photo booth be used for?
The photo booth is very popular for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, grand openings, charities, graduations, etc. With custom designed templates, the photo booth can be tailored to YOUR event!

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